A Quick Update

There is no delicate way to put it. The buildup to the holidays right now is about as enjoyable as an enyma. At the beginning of November managing reviews for new films was the last thing on my mind and convincing myself that my voice was one that people needed to hear from in an already oversaturated arena made the notion of putting pen to paper, fingers to a keyboard or even sitting down and watching something for the sole reason of writing a few words on a post, utterly unappealing. Put it down to winter, the quickly reemerging pandemic which had softened its impact just long enough for us to miss the simple pleasures we have had to say a temporary goodbye to, or the fact that the same four walls feel an awful lot closer now than they did back in March.

Essentially, I needed some time to re-assess, to begin to enjoy some things for myself again. What started as me trying to enjoy films again instead of watch them with some ulterior motive in mind became a broadening of the media I watch or enjoy. When I wrote my last review for the site I didn’t intend it to be my last for a while but now that I’m putting these words down, I don’t regret that it was. Forgive me for rambling but here is why the break was necessary and what it means for the future of the site.

When I set out what I wanted to do with the site in January I didn’t have lofty goals, the hope that I would still be doing this by year’s end was the only real substantial goal, considering I all too often give up things so close to the finish line. Although I couldn’t be happier with the content I have published this year, new releases have dominated how i populate the site and that lack of variety had seeped into what I chose to enjoy. While I have only been gone for 3 weeks, in that time I have rattled my way through some exquisite TV such as the Anya Taylor-Joy series The Queen’s Gambit and season 1 of The Crown but also some equally impressive games and books (Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale being but a couple of examples).

While this will always be a movies blog, as that was my first real passion, the one that taught me the importance of a good story, it would be to the sites and my detriment to ignore the other media that shapes the writer I am. Therefore starting this month there are going to be some significant changes to the site. Although full length reviews will remain in a limited capacity, many new releases will be discussed in shorter critiques with more time devoted to not only pieces regarding TV, books and games but also some long promised but frequently delayed features.

While most of these changes won’t become a reality until January when the end of year rush is over and I have compiled my end of year articles, I thought it beneficial to state my intentions now as you will see more of these smaller reviews this month as I try and cram in all the films I missed over the year in a short period of time. This will start with a piece about the films i didn’t get the chance to talk about in November. I have also planned out two features for the month, one pandemic based, while the other looks at the small screen, both of which will be out in the first half of the month before Christmas.

I hope my extended absence was understandable and so is my need to shift to a new way of editing and writing for the site. I look forward to you reading what comes next and feel free to leave a comment on my quiet little site.


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