Review-Lite: The Babysitter – Killer Queen (2020)

Judah Lewis in The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Nobody expected The Babysitter to be entertaining, let alone funny but director McG’s 2017 film was everything people didn’t expect. It was charming, bloody, funny and ultimately a smart piece of horror comedy. His follow up to the series, a continuation of Cole’s (Judah Lewis) story involving crazed babysitters is a warm enough callback to the first film but in expanding its world it does so at the expense of an opening feature that felt original. Here Cole finds himself outrunning resurrected versions of the teenagers that terrorised him before, with Robbie Amell once again stealing the show, along with a spattering of other, less memorable villains in yet another race against time. While it takes some bold steps in making a franchise for Netflix, it does so by telling the same story of a kid growing up by spending the night killing his demons.

Joined on what effectively becomes a trigger happy massacre, with the occasional laugh thrown in, by Phoebe (Jenny Ortega), a newcomer to Cole’s school, McG’s sequel devolves the series into the teen movie roots it tried to avoid in its predecessor. Here the jokes are juvenile, the gore is overplayed and syrupy and the plot is overworked. While Ortega is a welcome addition, a performer having fun with a character who hasn’t grown old and Amell is again relishing in playing the stereotypical jock with a brain, Killer Queen feels like its spinning its wheels while hoping to tell more stories in this B movie world. While never bad and always entertaining enough, this comedy sequel never feels justified, merely acceptable.


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