Micro-Review: The Suicide Squad (2021)

Idris Elba in The Suicide Squad

James Gunn returns to the wheelhouse of adult rated comedy akin to Super and Slither with The Suicide Squad, the half reboot of the property after David Ayer’s 2016 attempt seemingly crashed and burned due to most of all, studio interference. Here Gunn is given free reign to do what he wants and for the most part its an effectively funny little distraction of a movie. With the serious tone removed and every sequence delivered in bright colours amid all the lavish bloodshed, The Suicide Squad’s bizarre mission to Corto Maltese is a fun little detour from conventional DC fare and while I couldn’t fault it, it doesn’t really ask much of its audience outside of grimacing at some ultra violence from time to time.

This feels like Gunn’s attempt at an R rated Guardians of the Galaxy movie, something I can imagine would be quite interesting from a storytelling standpoint but it has that insulated Marvel feel to it that has permeated their movies as of late. There are no real consequences here, even though half the cast is on the firing line, the moral dilemmas never feel more than distracting and there is only so much silliness involving a giant homicidal shark you can endure before the wheels start to come off the whole experience. I’ll admit this wasn’t made with me in mind but the fact it plays to so many audiences while just trying to be a good time means that by the end, it isn’t much of anything besides mindlessly idiotic, which is paradoxical because its definitely fun in a Fast & Furious kind of way.


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