Review-Lite: Bros (2022)

Luke Macfarlane and Billy Eichner in Bros

The fact that Bros exists shouldn’t be the progressive milestone it is. It serves as the first gay romantic comedy developed by a major motion picture studio starring two openly gay men. It is a film that should have existed years ago and while it’s a welcome change to be able to enjoy queer stories like this one finally, it still doesn’t mean that the end product is enjoyable. Aside from a much more open approach to sexual comedy and the intricacies of gay relationships and stigmas, Bros does little in the way of breaking the mould in a genre that has felt dated since the 90s. Telling the story of a podcaster and queer museum curator Bobby (Billy Eichner) and his newfound relationship with Aaron (Luke Macfarlane), a will executor who hates his job, Bros takes its place in cinematic history seriously and by that, I mean too seriously.

While Eichner’s script is funny in fits and starts and both Macfarlane and Eichner have a palpable chemistry, instead of a fun, light-hearted experience, Bros is a full-on lesson in queer history that consumes most of the performances here. While director Nicholas Stoller plays each moment of drama for everything its worth and Eichner’s Bobby is a playfully self-involved delight, Bros is a draining film, not a joyful one. Overly long, inconsistent in its pacing and ultimately unremarkable, Eichner’s passion project is clearly full of love and warmth, not just in its story but in the production, but it never feels like it has a relevance that it clearly tries so hard to grasp. Outside of the jokes, which are full of Eichner’s snark and cringe comedy, Bros is a disappointingly empty watch.



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